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One awesome hunting adventure

Hello everybody and today we are going to be talking about a little story we have to share with you guys.  This begins in the forests by Sacramento California where we were hunting wild elk. One time we took a trip to Sacramento California to do some hunting because we heard  that the game was incredibly good out there. Well, they were definitely right when they said that because it indeed was. Not only did we see some of the most amazing animals we have ever seen in our lives, we also caught some of the biggest elk that we have ever gotten. These elk were absolutely massive.  They were literally about 1500 pounds, and had enough food to feed a family of four for over a year just off of the me alone. One awesome thing about Elk it is that  The meat tastes so darn amazing. Elk meat is really something else because has its own unique taste to it. The best part about elk meat is that it has more protein then beef and a lot less fat and calories.

When we were hunting through the redwood forest around Sacramento  we ran into another group of hunters. They had shown us but they had hunted for the day and some elk that were even bigger than the ones that we shot. The even had a few grizzly bears and a Wildboar as well.   Everybody in that group was all extremely experienced at hunting. The most interesting fellow from the group was a man named Edoardo and he had shot most of the animals in their round up. The biggest  Elk he caught was about 2000 pounds and had more meat then 10 deer put together. This was literally the biggest elk we had ever seen in our lives.

After getting to speak to Edoardo for a while, we found out that he was a taxidermist as well. He saved the head from just about every animal he hunted. He wanted to keep everything he had shot is a trophy. He told us about some pretty impressive animals that he had killed before. One time  he was over  in Antarctica and he was telling us about the polar bear he hunted. It was literally the largest bear we have ever heard of anybody ever encountering.  Edoardo owns a huge taxidermy collection that we have seen in person. He has even let us borrow a few of his pieces to show the people that we know. Since he was so nice to do this for us. We are going to give him some support. He  owns a solar company out in California and we would really love if you would give him a little bit of traction. You can check it out at solar company Fresno 

thank you for visiting our blog today and we hope that this little hunting story inspired you.

The best and most to hunt

Hey, we are back with another post for everybody and today we will be talking about what animals are the best to hunt. As you know we are a group of master hunters who have sought out the biggest game you have ever seen. We have hunted bears, moose, Buffalo, dear, etc.  today we are going to share with you the three best animals for hunting. They will be posted in a list below in detail.

The grizzly bear-the grizzly bear is our favorite animal to hunt because they offer some of the greatest meet around.  There is just something about the taste of bear meat that is really good. It’s like a mix of a smoky sausage with beef. It is very tasty and everybody loves it.  We try to conserve on killing Bairstow because you’re only allowed one per year. They have this rule in place because they do not want bears to go extinct like half of the other animals have in this country. It is really bad because wait to many people go overboard with this type of thing. One bear should be enough meat to last a whole family over a year.

Moose-a moose is an even bigger than a grizzly bear.  That sounds preposterous but that is something that is actually true because mousses way about 1000 pounds more than grizzly bears do. We think that a moose is great hunt because they are not a species of animal that is going to go extinct and their meat is the best  you could ever have.  Our favorite food to make from moose meat is moose jerky. The jerky from a moose is just so much better than beef because it’s a different type of meat. The way moose tastes is like beef but with stronger flavor. You could kind of compare it to something like  lamb. It’s got the distinct moose flavor in it it really stands out. is really fun to hunt these animals because they  make it very challenging. They have very good camouflage making them blend in with their surroundings very easily. They also move around a lot so it is hard to get a good shot on a moose.  With the challenge, it makes the hunt so much more for filling because it feels like you worked for it. We make sure to respect the animals and mother earth by not leaving a single remain of the moose behind. We don’t just hunt animals to put their heads up as trophies. We hunt animals because we are doing it for food, the Indians did it exactly the same way. This is just all a part of the circle of life, there is nothing that is wrong with it.

The deer-a deer is a very interesting animal to hunt because it is very agile and hard to get a very solid shot on. You might be thinking why we labeled the deer as one of our top three picks but we did this because of the fact that catching one is actually  very hard. You may have thought that the moose was a heart animal to hunt. Wait till you try and get your hands on a deer because they are like a moose but five times as agile because they can jump all over the place. And then lastly we rate this in the highest because  out of any animal you could ever hunt, the deer is the best tasting by far!

Well everybody, that was our blog about the best in the hunt for today and always remember to come back tomorrow for more!

Go check out for their videos on hunting so that you can learn how to do it properly.

Getting your personal pet stuffed


Hello people and welcome back to our blog.  We are going to be talking to you today about how you can stuff your own pet.

Taxidermy services great, but it is something that is very expensive. So we thought we would make a post today to help you guys out a little bit. We want to do that by taking you through step-by-step on how to do taxidermy on your own.

There are many different steps of this process so we will take you through down on the list below.

Step one: taking the guts of the animal., Once you have hunted an animal and killed it or your pet has just recently died you want to take the organs.  With his precious you want to be careful because it is something that can get extremely messy.  After an animal has recently passed away, it’s blood is not going to be completely dried up. So expect his part to be very bloody and gross. You want to start by moving the main organs first so that you don’t damage the frame of the body. And once those organs are removed, you are ready to move onto the next step.

Step two: getting the stuffing inside the animal. What professional taxidermists do is they  stuff the dead animal full of a harder cotton type of stuffing. If you have not noticed, taxidermy animals are usually very firm. It’s as almost as if somebody just completely froze the body, it is as hard as concrete. This is because I have to refill the animal up with stuffing firm. It’s as almost as if somebody just completely froze the body, it is as hard as concrete. This is because  after we feel the animal with stuffing, then we apply a from aldehyde code that hardens the body up permanently. You don’t want this body breaking down and causing a big mess.  Once the stuffing is in and the from aldehyde coat is in place, then the animal is done and ready to be put on display.

DIY taxidermy is for the type of people that  don’t exactly have the funds to get it done by a professional. Like we said before, taxidermy can be something that is extremely expensive and will cost you $10,000 out-of-pocket sometimes. You just want to be careful about how you go about doing this because you don’t want to do it wrong. If you do your own taxidermy but you get it done in the wrong way then you risk destroying your own project, just keep that in mind.

Who knows? Maybe after doing taxidermy on your own animal then you might become a taxidermist yourself. The number one thing we always recommend though is that you come to a professional and get it done so that you do not have to waste the time and the effort to try and figure this out yourself. So always have us in the back of your mind about when You are looking to get some taxidermy work done the next time.

This blog is all about taxidermy.  Here at Nelsons timberline we are a professional taxidermy business that can stuff all of your animals. We have done all types of animals from mousses all the way to polar bears. Whatever animal you want stuffed we can handle it as long as it follows the guidelines. Four instance we will not  stuff any animals that are deemed illegal to hunt. So if you bring in an elephant we are sorry but we will have to call the police on you. Regardless of that we have one of the greatest  taxidermy services in all of the United States. We have stuffed animals for some of the most famous hunters in the game. We have even done taxidermy for a man called Brad Duncan. He is a very rich entrepreneur who has hunted thousands of different animals. Every time he hunts a new one he sends to head over to us to get stuffed. We have thousands of satisfied clients that we have served over the years so we have a reputation to back up our claims.

One thing you will see with a lot of other taxidermists is that a lot of them will do a very bad job on your animals and screw the project up. We recommend taxidermy for someone who is looking to hang up a trophy on their wall or have a full standing animal in their house. The services are just for hunting though, see you have a dog that died in the family and you always want to keep it around. The solution of that  would be to get that animal stuff so that it will always be by your side. There are many different ways to get taxidermy services done on many different animals. We will be explaining more in detail later as we share more posts on a daily basis.

thank you for reading our blood today, and we hope you guys have success in your hunting journeys. Remember to take a look at our about page to learn who we are.