This blog is all about taxidermy.  Here at Nelsons timberline we are a professional taxidermy business that can stuff all of your animals. We have done all types of animals from mousses all the way to polar bears. Whatever animal you want stuffed we can handle it as long as it follows the guidelines. Four instance we will not  stuff any animals that are deemed illegal to hunt. So if you bring in an elephant we are sorry but we will have to call the police on you. Regardless of that we have one of the greatest  taxidermy services in all of the United States. We have stuffed animals for some of the most famous hunters in the game. We have even done taxidermy for a man called Brad Duncan. He is a very rich entrepreneur who has hunted thousands of different animals. Every time he hunts a new one he sends to head over to us to get stuffed. We have thousands of satisfied clients that we have served over the years so we have a reputation to back up our claims.

One thing you will see with a lot of other taxidermists is that a lot of them will do a very bad job on your animals and screw the project up. We recommend taxidermy for someone who is looking to hang up a trophy on their wall or have a full standing animal in their house. The services are just for hunting though, see you have a dog that died in the family and you always want to keep it around. The solution of that  would be to get that animal stuff so that it will always be by your side. There are many different ways to get taxidermy services done on many different animals. We will be explaining more in detail later as we share more posts on a daily basis.

thank you for reading our blood today, and we hope you guys have success in your hunting journeys. Remember to take a look at our about page to learn who we are.