One awesome hunting adventure

Hello everybody and today we are going to be talking about a little story we have to share with you guys.  This begins in the forests by Sacramento California where we were hunting wild elk. One time we took a trip to Sacramento California to do some hunting because we heard  that the game was incredibly good out there. Well, they were definitely right when they said that because it indeed was. Not only did we see some of the most amazing animals we have ever seen in our lives, we also caught some of the biggest elk that we have ever gotten. These elk were absolutely massive.  They were literally about 1500 pounds, and had enough food to feed a family of four for over a year just off of the me alone. One awesome thing about Elk it is that  The meat tastes so darn amazing. Elk meat is really something else because has its own unique taste to it. The best part about elk meat is that it has more protein then beef and a lot less fat and calories.

When we were hunting through the redwood forest around Sacramento  we ran into another group of hunters. They had shown us but they had hunted for the day and some elk that were even bigger than the ones that we shot. The even had a few grizzly bears and a Wildboar as well.   Everybody in that group was all extremely experienced at hunting. The most interesting fellow from the group was a man named Edoardo and he had shot most of the animals in their round up. The biggest  Elk he caught was about 2000 pounds and had more meat then 10 deer put together. This was literally the biggest elk we had ever seen in our lives.

After getting to speak to Edoardo for a while, we found out that he was a taxidermist as well. He saved the head from just about every animal he hunted. He wanted to keep everything he had shot is a trophy. He told us about some pretty impressive animals that he had killed before. One time  he was over  in Antarctica and he was telling us about the polar bear he hunted. It was literally the largest bear we have ever heard of anybody ever encountering.  Edoardo owns a huge taxidermy collection that we have seen in person. He has even let us borrow a few of his pieces to show the people that we know. Since he was so nice to do this for us. We are going to give him some support. He  owns a solar company out in California and we would really love if you would give him a little bit of traction. You can check it out at solar company Fresno 

thank you for visiting our blog today and we hope that this little hunting story inspired you.