The best and most to hunt

Hey, we are back with another post for everybody and today we will be talking about what animals are the best to hunt. As you know we are a group of master hunters who have sought out the biggest game you have ever seen. We have hunted bears, moose, Buffalo, dear, etc.  today we are going to share with you the three best animals for hunting. They will be posted in a list below in detail.

The grizzly bear-the grizzly bear is our favorite animal to hunt because they offer some of the greatest meet around.  There is just something about the taste of bear meat that is really good. It’s like a mix of a smoky sausage with beef. It is very tasty and everybody loves it.  We try to conserve on killing Bairstow because you’re only allowed one per year. They have this rule in place because they do not want bears to go extinct like half of the other animals have in this country. It is really bad because wait to many people go overboard with this type of thing. One bear should be enough meat to last a whole family over a year.

Moose-a moose is an even bigger than a grizzly bear.  That sounds preposterous but that is something that is actually true because mousses way about 1000 pounds more than grizzly bears do. We think that a moose is great hunt because they are not a species of animal that is going to go extinct and their meat is the best  you could ever have.  Our favorite food to make from moose meat is moose jerky. The jerky from a moose is just so much better than beef because it’s a different type of meat. The way moose tastes is like beef but with stronger flavor. You could kind of compare it to something like  lamb. It’s got the distinct moose flavor in it it really stands out. is really fun to hunt these animals because they  make it very challenging. They have very good camouflage making them blend in with their surroundings very easily. They also move around a lot so it is hard to get a good shot on a moose.  With the challenge, it makes the hunt so much more for filling because it feels like you worked for it. We make sure to respect the animals and mother earth by not leaving a single remain of the moose behind. We don’t just hunt animals to put their heads up as trophies. We hunt animals because we are doing it for food, the Indians did it exactly the same way. This is just all a part of the circle of life, there is nothing that is wrong with it.

The deer-a deer is a very interesting animal to hunt because it is very agile and hard to get a very solid shot on. You might be thinking why we labeled the deer as one of our top three picks but we did this because of the fact that catching one is actually  very hard. You may have thought that the moose was a heart animal to hunt. Wait till you try and get your hands on a deer because they are like a moose but five times as agile because they can jump all over the place. And then lastly we rate this in the highest because  out of any animal you could ever hunt, the deer is the best tasting by far!

Well everybody, that was our blog about the best in the hunt for today and always remember to come back tomorrow for more!

Go check out for their videos on hunting so that you can learn how to do it properly.